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About Digica

Digica's Vision


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Digica use intelligent AI powered software to make a positive change in the world.

Through combining our AI knowledge with our teams’ experience in developing smart intelligent software solutions for Cloud, IoT and Embedded, our AI powered software addresses important health, security and safety challenges across the globe.

We work with major companies and innovative start-ups across many industries including Automotive, Defence, Medical, Technology and Telecoms.

Who has the data, has the power


How can we help you?

To find out more about Digica, or to discuss how we may be of service to you, please get in touch.

Digica - Poland

Wólczańska 143
90-526 Łódź

Head Office - United Kingdom

Office NN, The ClassRooms, Stanley Square
Sale, Manchester, M33 7ZZ


US 6203 San Ignacio Ave Suite 110
San Jose, CA 95119 USA


AI Campus of Berlin
Max-Urich-Straße 3, 13355 Berlin