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AI solutions tailored for the defence industry


Reduce AI innovation risks and exceed product development goals.

  • Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance - target acquisition and battlefield simulations optimised with deep learning
  • Autonomous systems - computer vision-based automatic mission support services
  • Chemical analysis - ML trained models for contaminant detection and spectroscopic analysis
  • Fault prediction & prevention - cutting edge modelling at both device and system level

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Project descriptions

Military grade DPV detector
Military grade DPV detector 2
Military grade DPV detector 1

Military-grade DPV detectors


Working with petabytes of data, we created a comprehensive training pipeline capable of detecting and differentiating drones, people and vehicles.

Target tracking and re-identification


Combining information from multiple sources (thermal cameras, visual light cameras, motion detectors) we helped our client deploy a fully integrated surveillance system.

Target tracking and re identification
Target tracking and re identification 2
foto 2
Automatic payload monitoring system
Automatic payload monitoring system 1
foto 2

Automatic payload monitoring system

We developed a GPU-accelerated method which automatically detects which equipment payloads (fuel, ammunition, etc) are being loaded onto an UGV to support military.personnel.
Unified battlefield system
Unified battlefield system 2
Unified battlefield system 1

Unified battlefield system

By integrating multiple sources (visual light & thermal camera, radar, motion detectors, target tracker and classifiers) we created an easy to use, holistic surveillance and battlefield observation system. Self improving surveillance system

Self-improving surveillance system

Using both temporal and spatial consistency analysis we created an ML module which analyses its own decisions in real-time for re-training and self-improvement.
Self improving surveillance system
Self improving surveillance system 1
Self improving surveillance system 2
Chemical analysis
Chemical analysis 1
Chemical analysis 2

Chemical analysis

An ML segmentation model was trained to detect reacted surfaces on military transport vehicles, thereby detecting chemical contamination which was then displayed via a military grade VR helmet

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“AI solutions tailored for the defence industry”