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We are pleased to announce a significant evolution in Digica's leadership team

We are pleased to announce a significant evolution in Digica's leadership team, marking an exciting new chapter in our journey of growth, innovation, and excellence.

Effective immediately, Søren Bradbury will assume the role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Having previously served as Chief Operating Officer (COO), Søren brings a wealth of experience, a deep understanding of our company’s values, and a visionary approach to leadership. His transition to CEO signifies a profound sense of responsibility and an unwavering commitment to steering Digica towards a future defined by innovation and strategic growth.

In this new phase, Rafał will be thebetransition to the role of Chief Strategy Officer (CSO). Rafał will focus on deepening our relationships with key partners such as ARM, Intel, and T-Mobile, and on enhancing our presence in the German market. His expertise will be crucial in driving our strategic initiatives and fostering valuable collaborations.

Nick Stammers will take on the role of Chairman, where his unparalleled vision and strategic insight will continue to guide our overarching direction. Nick's leadership has been instrumental in our success, and his new role will further strengthen our strategic governance.

As part of our strategic growth plan, we will intensify our efforts in the European and US markets. We are committed to expanding our engineering capabilities in the UK and Poland, which are vital to our innovation-driven approach. This expansion is aimed at reinforcing our position as a leader in AI software, technology and engineering excellence.

This leadership realignment, marked by Rafał’s strategic shift and Søren’s new role as CEO, represents a pivotal moment for Digica. It is a testament to our adaptability and our commitment to not just meet but exceed the evolving demands of our industry.

As we embark on this promising new phase, we are invigorated by the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Together, we are poised to lead Digica to unprecedented heights.