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Artificial Intelligence

LLM-based application that helps sales people to find relevant potential customers

Digica introduced the benefits of the technical advantages that LLMs have brought since 2022 not only to our customers, but also for our own benefit. We have created an LLM-based application to help our sales people to find relevant potential customers more easily.


One of the challenges that all sales people face is how to find customers who will benefit the most from the services that they are selling. This is especially challenging for high-tech companies like Digica which focus on delivering innovative products. As we often work on something that has never been done before, there is no easy way to search through a database of companies with a generic query in order to find a customer who may need a custom solution.


We designed SeLLMo in order to address these challenges. SeLLMo's main feature is finding companies that are similar to the company description that is entered into the system along with a prompt to GPT. For that purpose, we leverage vector embeddings, where we use a vector store to make queries as cheap and efficient as possible, and then carry out a semantic search to find relevant companies based on description similarity.

When a salesperson finds a customer, the next step is to ensure that we reach out to them with something that provides clear value to that customer. SeLLMo is able to generate project ideas based on the company description and information related to Digica’s specialist expertise and experience.

Another interesting feature in SeLLMo is the ability to find customers who may need an implementation of a solution that is similar to something that we have already worked on. We use our extensive database of over 200 projects that we have completed for various companies and, based on their use cases, we can find potential customers who may need something similar to a project that we completed previously.



Generative AI is something that enhances computers with creativity, and we usually see this in the form of chatbot-based applications. When AI is combined with the creativity of highly experienced data scientists, the power of a simple application such as a company browser can be extended indefinitely by leveraging our LLMs.

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